For a stunning result you need an expert plumber.
Look no further than A+ Plumbing.

A+ Plumbing provides premium plumbing and heating services to residents throughout Whanganui and the surrounding areas.

Our dedication to clients, a distinct work ethic and affordability, are core elements that make A+ Plumbing different, and the team brings these values with them to every job site.

Specialising in woodburner, gas or central heating repairs and installations along with a complete range of plumbing solutions, A+ Plumbing does it all and works with every client’s budget to provide customised services to meet their needs.

Meet the Team

A+ Plumbing was launched in 2010 with a commitment to providing premium services at affordable prices throughout the Whanganui, Ruapehu and South Taranaki regions.

With a dedicated crew of highly trained plumbing professionals, owner Daniel McKechnie ensures that every job is executed correctly from start to finish.

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