Softeners/Filtration Systems

Hard water is a common issue in municipal/town water supplies in many areas of New Zealand. The combination of calcium and magnesium in water is generally found in areas where the soil contains limestone which creates hard water.

Plumbing fixtures and hot water systems often gain scale build-up and clog due to hardness in the water, reducing efficiency and service life of water heaters. When a scale build up occurs an increase of energy is required to heat the water which results in higher power bills.

To reduce hardness the water softener replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium, reducing the amount of scale gathering in your pipes. This lengthens the life of your appliances and is a proven, cost effective solution for hard water problems.

​Puretec Filter Range


Impeccable quality systems lead to the best quality of water. We call it The Puretec Flavour.


Puretec's range of products are extensively tested and are Watermark approved where applicable, giving you assurance of safe & healthy water.

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Puretec Water Softeners

Benefits of Puretec Water Softeners:

  • Built to last and backed up by long warranties
  • Leading edge technology to ensure that our systems are smarter, more effective and produces the best tasting water
  • Takes out all the nasties
  • Easy to purchase, install, maintain & use.

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