Ethos Woodfires

Affordable, clean, efficient heating for your home

Don’t let a cold home effect your family’s health. Cold, damp homes increase the risk of respiratory infections and put stress on the cardiovascular system.

Make your home warmer and healthier, with an Ethos Woodfire. They are an affordable and energy efficient way to heat your home. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand with a 15-year Fire Box Warranty, they are a clean and efficient heating solution.

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Ethos Woodfires are designed smarter so that they:

  • Eliminate cold draughts in your home
  • Generate more heat with reduced emissions
  • Require less fuel
  • Provide an economical heating system for your home

Fires need two things to burn: fuel and air.

In traditional fireplaces wood is the fuel and air comes from the room itself, but this creates a problem. As air is drawn into the fire it creates a draught which can make you feel cold and it sucks air from the room which can make you feel drowsy.

Ethos Woodfires have solved this problem with a unique system.

Instead of sucking air from the room, the EconAir Induction flue system draws air from outside the home down the outer section of the flue. The hot gases travelling up the centre of the flue heat the incoming air to over 300C before it enters the firebox, which makes Ethos Woodfires even more efficient.

The EconAir Induction flue system prevents the cold draughts caused by traditional log burners and also makes Ethos Woodfires the perfect choice for airtight home designs.

Combining the pre-heated combustion air and the higher output firebox, Ethos Woodfires produce a more intense heat. Almost everything burns including volatiles and the smoke itself, which is why Ethos Woodfires are such an efficient heating solution and have low emission ratings.


The Ethos Woodfire range includes both freestanding fires and insert fires and you can customise the colour of your Ethos firebox (at no extra cost), with over 100 colours options available.

A+ Plumbing are proud to stock the Ethos Woodfire range. Get in touch with us to learn more about these affordable, energy efficient fires and how they can keep your family warm during winter.

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