Rinnai INFINITY Range

Efficient, versatile, continuous flow hot water systems for your home

Are you tired of running out of hot water in the mornings? Or your shower going cold when someone turns on the hot tap in the kitchen? Never run out of water again and reduce temperature fluctuations with the Rinnai INFINITY range. Rinnai were the first to introduce continuous flow technology and have been leading the way ever since.

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The Rinnai INFINITY range is made up of three categories to cater for a variety of hot water demands and installation requirements.


Rinnai INFINITY A Series

Suitable for residential homes that require continuous hot water with a lower initial cost. Models deliver between 16-26 litres of hot water per minute. These are New Zealand’s highest selling range of continuous flow water heaters.



Suitable for residential or commercial application where a higher flow rate is needed. Models deliver between 26 – 32 litres of hot water per minute.



Suitable for residential or commercial application. For the environmentally conscious who want to significantly reduce running costs and lower energy usage whilst having a continuous supply of hot water. Models deliver between 24-32 litres of hot water per minute.


When selecting which Rinnai INFINITY model is right for you it is important to consider:

  • Size of your house, how many bathrooms?
  • Where are the bathroom(s) and other hot water outlets are located in the house?
  • Number of hot water outlets and how often do they run at the same time?
  • What type of tapware is installed?

What is the difference between Rinnai INFINITY and Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders?

  • Rinnai INFINITY is generally installed on the exterior of the property and are compact in size, Hot Water Cylinders are generally installed indoors and take up a large amount of space.

  • Rinnai INFINITY provides a continuous flow of hot water, Hot Water Cylinders have a set capacity e.g. 250 Litres and once this runs out there is no hot water until the cylinder has refilled and reheated.

  • Rinnai INFINITY requires a gas supply, Hot Water Cylinders require electricity supply.

  • Rinnai INFINITY you only pay for the water you use, Hot Water Cylinders you pay to fill and heat the entire cylinder.

  • Rinnai INFINITY are more expensive to install than an Electric Hot Water Cylinder, but they are a more cost-effective option long term than electrical hot water systems.

  • Rinnai INFINITY produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric Hot Water Cylinders.

How to determine which model is best for your home

Step 1. Make a list of all the rooms in your home with a hot water outlet.

Note: Some rooms may have more than one outlet but they are unlikely to be run at the same time so we only count them as one.

Step 2. Work out the flow rates for each outlet.

Note: You can use the typical flow rate from our table below or work out your actual flow rates by holding a bucket under your hot water outlet and measuring the amount of water in the bucket after one minute.

Hot water outlet

Typical flow rate

Your actual flow rate


9 L per minute

9 L


9 L per minute

9 L


6 L per minute

6 L


6 L per minute*



Allow 6 L per minute




24 L
*A number of washing machines, particularly front loaders, have a cold-only connection so would not need to be included here.

Step 3. Add up your total maximum flow rate.

In our example above it is 24L per minute.

Step 4. Use the table below to work out which model is right for your water flow.

Go down the left column to find the first Litre per minute value that is higher than your total. Choose one of the models in that row.
Litres per minute A-Series model (residential) HD Model (residential & commercial) EF Model (residential & commercial)
< 13 L per min A-Series Model 16 HD Model - 200 EF Model - 24
< 17 L per min A Series Model 20
< 20 L per min A Series Model 24
< 22 L per min A Series Model 26 EF Model - 250
< 26 L per min HD Model - 250
27 L per min
28+ L per min

If you find the flow rate is greater than the figures listed in the table, please contact A+ Plumbing for advice. Multiple units may be required.

If you want to have a continuous supply of hot water and increase your energy savings, get in touch with us to discuss what Rinnai INFINITY model is right for your home.

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