Water Heating

Switching from an electric hot water cylinder to a gas continuous-flow system can save you money as gas is cheaper than most other forms of heating.

There are a range of options for heating your water including Gas hot water systems, hot water cylinders and heat pumps.

Compress 3000

Bosch Compress 3000 is a German engineered Air to Water heat pump which applies the same reliable technology used in refrigerators in reverse to efficiently extract heat from the air and transfer it into water. This allows Compress 3000 to reduce energy consumption by up to 65% compared to a conventional electric storage hot water heater.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly efficient heat pump – reduces energy use by up to 65% when compared to conventional electric storage
  • Smart Controls to:
    - allow a user to set operating time systems
    - operate with PV solar electronic systems to optimise energy efficiency
  • Low noise performance and additional noise reduction timer function
  • Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing
  • The heat pump operates from -7°C to 40°C, delivering energy efficient hot water even in colder climates
  • A water softening device is recommended for hard water applications
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Rinnai Infinity gas hot water let's you enjoy an endless supply of hot water, while saving money on your energy bills and gaining space in your home without the need for a water cylinder.

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